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ViraTherapeutics develops highly potent anti-cancer therapeutics based on oncolytic (cancer-destroying) viruses. Our proprietary oncolytic virus, VSV-GP, efficiently destroys cancer cells, while leaving normal tissues unharmed. ViraTherapeutics currently performs preclinical safety and efficacy studies for VSV-GP and aims to conduct first clinical trials in cancer patients in 2018 at the earliest.


Press release - September 28, 2016


ViraTherapeutics and Boehringer Ingelheim sign long-term collaboration to develop next generation oncolytic virus platform and lead candidate VSV-GP


Press release BI ViraTherapeutics - September 28, 2016
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Pressemitteilung BI ViraTherapeutics - 28. September 2016
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“Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Dorothee von Laer and her team to this exciting collaboration and the pre-agreed option agreement to acquire the company. The potential transaction volume is absolutely meaningful and the possibility to jointly work with Boehringer Ingelheim on this innovative oncolytic virus therapy platform is a huge milestone for ViraTherapeutics and their supporters”, commented Dr. Klaus Schollmeier, Chairman of the ViraTherapeutics Board.


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