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Prof. Dr. Dorothee von Laer

Co-founder and Scientific Advisor

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Prof. Dr. Dorothee von Laer


Prof. von Laer is a medical doctor, an internationally accepted biomedical researcher and the inventor of the VSV-GP technology. In addition to her leadership role as co-founder and Chief Executive Officer / Chief Scientific Officer at ViraTherapeutics, she is a full professor and head of the Virology Institute at the Medical University of Innsbruck in Tyrol, Austria. Prof. von Laer gained biotech experience as a co-founder, shareholder and part-time Chief Scientific Officer of the Vision7 GmbH, a German biotech company founded in 2000. She served on the advisory board of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute in Langen, which is the German drug administration for biopharmaceuticals, and is a member of the review board of the GO-Bio funding program of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

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